Sunday, July 18, 2010


Every once in a while I go narcissurfing to check up on my designs-- whether or not they came out yet, or if they are still on the market.  Here's a new one I hadn't seen yet that I found yesterday!  You may recognize it from the link on my last post-- so carry on with the breakfast theme!!  (Although I'd really like to do a repeat pattern of bacon, eggs and pancakes-- how cute that could be!)

I still have a case of hermititis. (Although now I have one son home, queue up the Harry Potter movies!) I really am almost  finished-- it's another alphabet for a cross-stitch kit-- I just love Design Works!


  1. how cool is that, my sister use to do cross stitch designs when she graduated from art school, makes me want to cross stitch again :)

  2. Ah! You and your tempting cups of coffee! Now I will have to make myself another cup, I'm afraid... I'd better steer clear off your blog when you post one with eggs and pancakes! Unless I want to add another inch to my hips! Hehehee... oxx

  3. I hope you caught up on Law and Order before Harry takes over the T>V>! :o) I can tell that You love Design works... it shows! You are so great at it! Love this! Going to go pour a cup right now. God bless you and your loved ones Krista.

  4. That;s great Krista, narcisisisisiurfing is a geart incentive :)

  5. I just love your designs. I just received my issue of The Stitchery and saw "Families and Friends", do you have that available in just the chart? I don't like kits because I like to stitch on linen or evenweave and in the past I have ran out of thread from kits.

    I love your ABC Christmas too, I am trying to find it in chart form, but so far only in kit form.

    Your work is beautiful.

  6. Hi Judy!

    I'm thrilled that you like my work! I don't believe those designs are available as charts only, just as kits.

    I do not convert the designs into the x's,-- they have very talented people who do that-- and as a result I hadn't seen "Families are Forever" stitched up yet. Thanks for letting me know it's available!

  7. Your work is just so awesome and I know what you mean about your default being hermit, me too. Next week I'm back to Uni so I'll have to put my social face on.
    Thanks for your comment, it has been a hard time, so much sadness for the families, breaks your heart. I believe in good coming from all things even when we can't see it day.

  8. another great one! I am off to grab another cup of coffee....:) - enjoy your HP movies.

  9. I love your designs - but I was wondering if there's anywhere where your patterns can be purchased without buying an entire kit?