Friday, May 28, 2010

Illustration Friday-- Slither

When Grayson was a baby, I painted his name on a toy box.  When Asher was a baby, I bought a toy box, with every intention of painting his name on it.

Asher just turned nine.

Poor Ash.


  1. Cute story, and so true! Ahh, if I had a dime for every idea and intention I've cooked up in my head, I sure would've been a woman with a pretty big piggy bank! Hahaha... Love Mr. Snake here! :) oxx

  2. Very pretty and made for a child.
    Funny how that happens with kids.

  3. I love the snake and the story. I know exactly what you mean. By the time I had my third child all I had time for were good intentions! ;)

  4. This is just adorable! I love the bright colors and happy snake face.

  5. Hey Krista! Love the Story and the Snake. I am the oldest of seven, so I had my name painted on my toy box. At least poor Ash got a toy box. My baby sister is 32 and still waiting for a toy box. :o) You'll have to clue me in sometime on your process. I just adore your style! This is terrific!

  6. A singing snake! Sweet! I love the sun and strawberry color combination.

    Awwww, poor Ash. I'm sure he has some extra nice toys to put in that toybox, though. :)